Where to find prostitutes in Montreal?

Where to find prostitutes in Montreal

Montreal is known for its budding sex culture, and it’s not hard to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers and brothels in this liberal Canadian city.

The city has an estimated 6000 sex workers, 200 erotic massage parlours and dozens of strip clubs. All of which generate an impressive $350 million a year!

Ste-Catherine E.

One of Montreal’s most historic streets, Sainte-Catherine has a rich history of innovation and style. It has also been a major player in Montreal’s commercial and cultural life for over a century, boasting a plethora of high-profile department stores, restaurants and shopping centres.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was a hub of trade for English merchants and was home to such notable department stores as Birks jewellers, Eaton’s and the famous Morgan’s. Today, the street is still an important retail and entertainment destination with a myriad of high-end restaurants, boutiques and shopping complexes.

The street is teeming with landmarks and sights to see, including the Montreal Casino which has been in operation for more than 150 years. It is also home to many of the city’s most prominent attractions such as Place Jacques-Cartier, the St. Paul cathedral, and the Clock Tower (to name a few).

A walk down this street will take you past some of the best bars, restaurants, nightclubs and coffee shops in the city. The city’s famous Gay Village stretches along the eastern half of the street, and is where you can find the best nightlife in Montreal.

Despite its many accolades, the street is still a work in progress. It is currently undergoing a multi-year redevelopment to rejuvenate the area, making it a more vibrant destination for locals and visitors alike. The aforementioned ol’ fashioned metro line will connect you to the rest of the city, while the underground pedestrian network is an excellent option for those who want a stress-free travel experience.

Ontario E.

When we think of the sex capital of North America, most people picture a seedy 20th century red-light district in downtown Montreal. But the city’s grittiness wasn’t born overnight. Rather, it was the product of an ongoing process of desperation, corruption and the whims of madams who ran brothels.

The sex industry is a complex one, with over 200 erotic massage parlors and thousands of prostitutes all operating in the city. Some of them operate out of private apartments or clubs and aren’t covered by anti-prostitution laws.

These businesses, however, are hardly immune from law enforcement scrutiny. In a recent report, the Canada Revenue Agency said it’s been tracking sex trafficking by organized crime rings operating out of strip clubs near the U.S. border, with clients coming from Russia and Asia.

Despite this fact, authorities have been slow to prosecute operators of these illegal business. They say they’re operating with impunity because many of their customers speak neither English nor French, and because police don’t pursue them as often as they would if the girls themselves had been arrested for selling their bodies to the public.

Some of these women work in a handful of massage parlors, but others make their living off the street, where they’re usually young and drug-addicted. They charge $50-$200 an hour.

They can also be found at a number of clubs, where they can be more expensive. If you want to be sure of getting a good deal, check out the local paper The Mirror for escort ads.

There’s also a few hotels on St-Hubert and St-Denis that are connected to a lot of these places. They usually have a few girls that work there who can be picked up off the street for about $30. These girls are very obvious and don’t usually appear during the daytime.

Some of these girls have their own homes, which they’ll bring you to after a full night. This is a great option for the budget traveler, because you can find these girls at about a third of the cost of a night in a club. The best part about this option is that you’ll have more control over your experience than with a club.


St-Hubert is one of the oldest areas in Montreal and a very popular place to live. It has a lot of parks, good schools and lots of entertainment. The government has invested a lot in the area and it’s very family friendly.

There are a number of bars, clubs and lounges in the area. Many of them have sex services. Some of these sex rooms are open to the public, though they charge a high fee.

A few of the top clubs in Montreal are Stereo (858 Ste-Catherine E) and Unity (1171 Ste-Catherine E). Both offer international DJs, mixed dance music and live shows.

Another popular nightclub is Les Deesses. It has a variety of girls and is located in the Gay Village. It’s a very hot club and the girls are very wild. They love to please you and are very eager to satisfy your needs.

If you’re looking for a hot escort in Montreal, you can find some of the best in Saint-Hubert. They usually advertise on the backpage of the free newspapers and sometimes online.

The local police are pursuing a major investigation into a sex-trafficking ring that allegedly lured foreign girls to Montreal. The operation has reportedly led to the arrest of two alleged ringleaders. The contents of computers and cellphones confiscated during 16 police seizures may shed light on a list of clients, Constable Gasse said at a news conference on Wednesday.

In addition to sex services, Montreal has a number of adult shops and peep shows that also sell erotic DVDs and sex toys. Some of these are highly advertised, while others have a hidden niche.

Despite the negative press, the sex industry in Montreal is still very active. The city is home to over 6000 sex workers, over 200 erotic massage parlors and dozens of strip clubs.

While there are no legal brothels in the city, some sex workers live in private apartments that act as unofficial brothels. These are a great way to get sex without breaking the law, but they can be hard to find and are often shady.


Rue Saint-Denis, located between St. Laurent and Sainte-Catherine, is home to a variety of sex related businesses and is considered the heart of Montreal’s red light district. This cosmopolitan street, characterized by the blue lettering on white tiled sidewalks, is a place where sex work has long been an integral part of the city’s culture.

Historically, sex work was the only source of income for many girls. This was especially true for women whose families lived abroad and who had come to Montreal with a need to make money.

In the last decade, however, competition has increased with new types of sex workers who arrived in the neighbourhood. These are women who came to Montreal as economic migrants from West Africa and China. They are usually part of prostitution rings that turn tricks at a lower price than the “traditionals.”

These sex work networks have brought an array of challenges to this historic and well-known neighbourhood. These include the presence of sex shops and peep shows on the street that disturb residents’ peace, as well as the proliferation of erotic massage parlours that operate in violation of federal anti-prostitution laws.

The city of Montreal is trying to find a way to address these issues. It has launched a program called Vital’Quartier to re-develop certain neighbourhood businesses in places where commercial makeup is outdated and no longer aligns with the needs of local residents.

While the city has made progress in dealing with the issue, there remains a lot of uncertainty about what to do. The mayor’s spokesman says discussions are underway between city officials, lawyers and police as they develop an action plan.

In the meantime, there are still plenty of women out on the streets selling sex for a fraction of what these erotic massage parlours charge. The cheapest girls can be found along Rue Ste Catherine, where they are typically spotted between 10PM and 3AM.

These girls are very open about what they do, and will often give you the most bang for your buck if you ask. If you want full service, they’ll usually tell you that you have to pay up to $200, although they’ll also be more than happy to do a hand relief for a bit less.